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Effective Day Off - Jane
Effective Day Off
I went to Alyses pretty early.
It was way fun, we just hung and talked and she is the best dread maker ever.
I have 8 total now.

I am so ready to make dreads its not even funny. Literally this second I would get them if I could. I still need to talk to my parents about it. When pirates was on this afternoon he smiled when I talked about the progression of Jack Sparrows dreads. Im going to start talking about them more and more, warm them up to the idea, and see what they think. I mean itll be in good taste and at this point they will be shoulder length but still able to be in a ponytail for work.

So yeah thats basically what im thinking. Oh and if Alyse was that good with a brush, I cant wait to see what she can do with an actual comb!!! Ahh yeah excited.

Um other than that, theres nothing really to talk about. I think Bobo enjoyed yesterday. Things are really good with him. I am more than content.

Yeah thats about it.

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From: lonesomecreatur Date: September 14th, 2007 01:16 am (UTC) (Link)
we deff had a sweet day
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