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Tired in a good way. - Jane
Tired in a good way.
I wasnt going to blog tonight because my eyes are seriously closing, but I want to while its fresh in my mind.

Basically, the school day doesnt matter at all besides me having a heaping ton of fun with Andrew in computer graphics. I didnt realize how much he values our friendship, and its pretty cool.

But anyway, after school Bobo came over and on the bus we chatted with Sam, I think they got along a lot with their commonality in having 4 APs. Shes awesome. Um yeah, we got back to my house and it was pretty chill. We watched Zoolander and it was nice. We sat on the back deck and had this good silence. It was almost like we were old folks that didnt even need to talk because they have known each other for the past 50 years. Um yeah, Bron came over with the kids and it was really cool. I could tell Bobo felt a little out of place because it was a whole bunch of family, then him... but Blakes crazyness deff broke the ice.

Um yeah thats about it. I would go more into detail but I dont exactly want to pass out on the keyboard.
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