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Effective Weekend. - Jane
Effective Weekend.
Yeah so basically church was pretty cool today. It was brother Toms first mass after he was ordained. Hes only a deacon now but I think he will be a full on priest in a year or so. The food after was amazingggg.

After that it was looking pretty rainy but we ended up going jetskiing anyway. Doing rabid donuts and feeling those negative g forces is awesome. Its a roller coaster-esque feel. I slammed my chest pretty hard against the handlebars when I first got out there and took a jump. Bron fell too so I dont feel as bad. Hes usually rally graceful with his jumping too. The water was weird until the tide changed. The weather totally cleared up and we hung with that cool jet ski/ bike 40 miles lady Janet. Shes too cool. I want to be like her one day. In shape, happy, with a significant other and a great view towards life. Its sad though because she mentioned that her husband had died. Shes so awesome and its really awful that things like that happen to people. Brooke fell off the picnic table and sliced her finger on a soda can that Jens parents had brought. I mentioned that soda cans are pretty dangerous and Laura was all defensive of her unhealthy syrupy drink and was all no Brooke just shouldntve been on the table. Whaaaatever. The day was a success but we had to turn in early because of babysitting.

Jerri sent us to the house and it took about 20 minutes and apparently the house is only 5 minutes away when we take the main roads. Its all good. Emily and Elise were wonderful and we had pizza and watched tv. They went to bed and shortly after the parents got home. $55 for 4 hours!!!!! Thats the most ive made ever ever. They said that they liked me and wanted to make it a semi regular thing which I would love. Elise is so tiny! Shes adopted from Russia and normally little girls love when you play with their hair but she absolutely hated it. I wonder if they pulled her hair when she was in the orphanage or something. I think I am just paranoid though. Its funny. You fake a sneeze and she says bless you in this tiny little voice. Emily is really cool too, more than just because she has the best name ever (not). Shes really cuddly and it was nice but then she got scared and wanted me to stay with her until she fell asleep. It wasnt too bad though, I just kinda sat there. Their house is humongous and tehy have a porshe (spelling) and a bmw. Fancy Fancy. I am not complaining though because they pay really well. It wasnt stressful at all.

The whole night I was thinking about Bobo and everything. Its really a nice thing and Im so happy when im talking to him and stuff. Sometimes I feel like I wish I could do more though. Its like, Im not really into the physical thing, especially in public and in that its not so much failing him, but moreso something that could be better. I am going to try and be better with that, because its really not that big of a deal, and I am at the point where I totally and completely trust him. Theres no reason for me to shut myself off like that. I still worry with the stress stuff but I think he can get through it. Id seriously be shocked if he didnt get Valedictorian with the way Aps are weighted. Not to put pressure or anything. Im proud of him no matter what. Anyone who has the kahonays to even sign up for that amount of hard classes is amazingly gutsy. Theres still lots of good things to look forward to this year, like days off and awesome concerts. Itll all be good. Im so excited for the future. I really feel like I can have a good time with this kid and as time goes on itll get better and better.

Current Music: 3 days grace in my head (EW!)

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