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Step down - Jane
Step down
I dont know why I wanted to hate Incubus for so many reasons. They are really really good.

Today dragged on but at the same time feels like nothing happened at all. When I step into the Ranch time stands still. By the time I am out of work the day is gone. I like the new shift of mining camp. It overlaps with the rifle range, so I can talk to whoever is in it. This time it was 2 life gaurds, ones from wallkill and the other I dont know. The one guy Aaron was really weird. He told me that the day I was looking for my boss to see if I had to work he kept hanging up on me. Its weird that he decided to tell me that. Whatever. Him and I watched beer softball off in the distance. Its really amusing as the game goes on and the guests get more and more drunk. I feel aweful but the highlight of the day was seeing this 300 pound drunk guy be pitcher then fall when he threw the ball. Its mean but so funny. I think the show the whitest kids you know is corrupting me. Of course it had to start raining 5 mins before I was ready to close up shop, why not an hour or 2 before?!?! Whatever.

When I got home I called Bobo and we chatted for a few minutes. He seemed busy and stressed. Hopefully I can get him to my house Thursday for a bum day. We both need it. Maybe watch Garden State and or Zoolander and or Python. Maybe Miish would want to come for a while too after shes done with school. Who knows.

I hope their writing goes well. If this new song is half as good as Insane Asylum itll be amazing.

K im in the mood for the phone.

Current Music: Megalomaniac - Incubus

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