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Lots going on - Jane
Lots going on
Today went so quickly. Votec was cool. Kayliegh and talked the whole time and it was beyond rad. Shes so cool.

I got to lunch and sat with Bobo but then it was weird because we were all having a casual conversation and Kasey just blurts out so are you guys going out or what? It was really weird, I got all quiet and unresponsive and Bobo was just like Im not telling you. He handled the weirdness very well. Its nothing against Kasey but its a touchy subject that Id rather not discuss with 6 other people hanging around that I dont exactly let into my life as much as i do with her. It was just a weird situation. I messaged Kasey to try and have a conversation about it but she responded with something unrelated. Im not planning on starting any big deal about it. Its not a big deal. Bobo and Alyse totally made me feel less awkward. Alyse said something about good things taking time and I so agree. Bobo then said something about 2 cents and 4 cents. I dunno, it was confusing but righteous so I put it in the Bobo oneliner word document.

Anyway, I think things worked out. I wish I had hung and gone to the game but Im glad that all of my homework is done and theres no pressure with that. It sounded like there was a pretty intense practice going on when I called for a few mins. I have a feeling that Jordan was joking when he did the bros before hos thing. I know its silly but the last thing I want to do is come between him and the band. Oh and I think I have something like 8 people coming to the show just of my family and my sisters friends. I am going to not stay on for long if i hear they are at the shop. Its important time for the band. I mean im not all worried or anything, I know that im pretty chill with everyone, especially Miish. Shes really taken on a big sister role to me. So yeah, alls well with the Bobo thing. Im slowely finding myself more confortable and wanting to like site closer to him and stuff. That whole end of things will come. Im glad that the mental thing was there first, because I can say that I really feel confident with this.

And if anyone asks, it should just be a yes, its really not a big deal. Before was easing into it, but I mean things are serious enough, why not give it a name.

Its 10:45 and the tv isnt even hooked up yet. Its really nice though. Im so excited. At best buy we found Zoolander for $5 which is awesome and I bought Garden State which makes me sosososo happy. Val has got to see the uncut version. She missed so many awesome scenes. I love that movie so much. Bobo should see it. I bet hed like it.

So thats that for today. I wish I didnt have to work tomorrow but Im lucky to be getting as many hours as I am. Not many are as lucky as me. As cool as the people are, I am looking forward to getting into the salon business. That type of thing is so much more me. I mean this job is good but hair is my calling.

The TV is on. Im gonna go watch it. Of course it has to be Nickleback (boo) with santana (awesome).
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stjimmymcshanks From: stjimmymcshanks Date: September 8th, 2007 07:06 am (UTC) (Link)
yeah, the whole bros before hos thing was DEFINITELY just a joke. Trust me. We were just tryin to mess with bobo. the phrase is also reference to a stand up show that me jor and jd watched at one of our super amazing sleep overs. so yeah. DO NOT feel bad AT ALL. it was just a lame ass joke. and i already told you how to handle kasey. remember, youre a prostitute that works the streets of po-town and bobo is your hardcore pimp, ready to put the smack down on anybody that messes with you. (hahahahaa, im so retarded :)
emilyimagine From: emilyimagine Date: September 8th, 2007 10:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love you!
Yeah I pretty much figured it was a joke.

I totally have cage dancing boots from the 70s that a I bought at a yard sale im not joking at all.
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