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Wow - Jane
Um today was weird to say the least.
It was one of those rainy miserable days where something just didnt seem right.
Cosmo was normal.
Computer graphics was very educational. I got a kick out of Cone having us all upload pics of Adrian to edit.
Mr Cook is still awesome.

Yeah so I got home and Neos light was burnt out so I put him in my hoodie then after he warmed up gave him a nice bath. I got a call from my mom from work. There have been people over and Jesses and Shelbys. I figured their grandma died.

James did. Their dad. Motorcycle accident. Its so crazy. Everything there was in mayhem. I mean he always yelled at his kids and stuff and they finally kicked him out of the house, only for him to come live in the downstairs apartment a few months later. I could only imagine what that did to the kids.

So yeah. My mom came home really upset and its so sad.

Bobo was really good to talk to today. He sounded equally upset at how much he made Jor and Miish angry. It sucks because he is the way he is and its hard to work on changing basic personality behavior, but I think he would be so happy if he learned to control it. It was also mostly adjusting to school on top of all that.

I really dont want to say too much tonight. I'm tired and its been a mentally draining day.
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